Your First Visits: Taking Time to Know You

On your first visit to our dental office, we reserve plenty of time to become acquainted. We’ll thoroughly discuss your general health, oral health history, dental hygiene habits, goals for continuing dental care and any concerns. Because prevention is the cornerstone of lifelong dental health, we’ll also begin developing a long-term care plan.

Your comprehensive exam at our dental office also includes:

  • Touring our warm, inviting dental office and viewing an introductory video that explains our routines and safety protocols.
  • Medical history review and blood pressure screening.
  • Evaluating teeth for decay, cracks, wear and other dental abnormalities.
  • Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) evaluation and associated muscle exam.
  • Occlusal (bite) evaluation.
  • Screening for oral cancer, infection and periodontal disease.
  • Performing diagnostic X-rays, if necessary, with a digital system that uses significantly less radiation than traditional X-rays.
  • Scheduling your hygiene visit.
  • Making plans to discuss the customized roadmap for lifelong dental health that we develop specifically for you.

Following your comprehensive exam at our dental office, your first visit with our hygienist includes:

  • Performing gentle and thorough prophylaxis — removing plaque and tartar from tooth surfaces and beneath gums.
  • Polishing teeth to remove surface deposits and stains.
  • Teaching oral hygiene techniques such as brushing and flossing to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile between visits.
  • Fluoride treatments if indicated.

We are happy to help new patients with sudden dental emergencies but we must emphasize that emergency visits can’t replace comprehensive exams. We recommend completing a comprehensive exam as soon as possible following an emergency visit to our dental office.

Notice the Difference!

When you enter our warm and inviting dental office, you’ll notice a few unique aspects of our practice:

  • We listen. Carefully. For as long as you need to explain your dental concerns, hopes and objectives. Each patient has a special story that helps us deliver the best dental care possible.
  • We truly believe that our dental office’s approach — warm, friendly, knowledgeable, communicative and absolutely dedicated to your comfort — transform a patient’s dental care experience. Yes, many of our patients do look forward to seeing us!
  • We respect and value your long-term dental goals, whatever they may be. We strive to create a care plan that accommodates your life, your budget and your schedule.
  • We cherish our relationship with you. We view every contact with you — whether it’s a quick appointment reminder or a multi-visit procedure — as a chance to renew your confidence that you chose the right dental office for your lifelong dental home.

Contact us today and see the difference at our dental office!