Collingswood’s Favorite Dentist: Emphasizing Preventive Care

Because prevention is the cornerstone of lifelong dental health and wellness, Collingswood Family Smiles emphasizes preventive dental care and education. With proper dental care, your natural teeth can stay healthy and beautiful for a lifetime!

Preventive dentistry helps prevent conditions from developing or worsening. For instance, removing plaque from teeth by brushing and flossing prevents plaque from hardening into tartar. Tartar causes gum inflammation that can lead to bone loss and loss of teeth. By far the two most important aspects of preventive dentistry and dental care overall are having teeth cleaned professionally on a regular basis and practicing proper oral hygiene at home.

Preventive Care and Education Services

Our preventive dental care and education services include:

  • Comprehensive oral health exams
  • Periodontal screening and evaluation
  • Intraoral cameras, to visually show and help explain dental issues, procedures and needs
  • Medical history review and blood pressure screening
  • Referrals to dental or other medical specialists when indicated
  • Customized schedules for prophylaxis, which is removing tartar and plaque from teeth — some patients build tartar and plaque more quickly than others, necessitating more frequent prophylaxis.
  • Head and neck cancer exams
  • Protective sealants are a protective treatment for newly erupted molars, this flowable resin is comfortably applied to reduce the risk of decay.
  • Fluoride gel treatments is a protective treatment where fluoride gel is comfortably applied to reduce the risk of decay.
  • Protective mouthguards and sports guards are protective devices that shield teeth from injury during grinding, clenching or sports activities.

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